Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pirates, Petticoats and World Book Day!

It's that time of year again! World Book Day is just round the corner and all those fabulous literature-celebrating events are in the pipeline! Including the following, one of many, book signing events that PP author and illustrator Erica Jane-Waters has on her agenda. Caxton Books and Gallery in Frinton-on-Sea are bringing this wonderful event to Kirby Cross school. Not only will Erica be signing copies of The Mermaids of Starfish Reef, the first book in her brand new Petticoat Pirates series, but she will be doing a reading from the book, creating mysterious sea beasties and even helping the children to make and decorate their own sparkly Petticoat Pirates eyepatches! 

Petticoat Pirates will be published on 7th March! Have a fabulous World Book Day everyone! 

Check out Erica's gorgeous portfolio of work here.

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