Friday, 26 April 2013

Calling All Illustrators And 'Draw Something' Addicts!

Production company Victory Television are working on a promotion for Draw It!, a new game show based on the hit smartphone app Draw Something! For one of the rounds they are looking for artist submissions. Whilst they cannot offer a fee for these submissions, it's a fun opportunity to have a go at something new and perhaps get your drawing seen on the telly! Artists chosen will also be credited either verbally or visually.

Anyone interested should email Joe Williams at Victory Television by end of next week, (3rd May), who will give you instructions on how to download the app and submit your drawing. Contact email etc at bottom of this post.

Or if you already have the app simply open up the Draw Something app,  go to new game, username, then type in the username provided to you, choose a word and play a game. When finished, submit your drawing with a message containing your contact details so they can match up drawings to artists.

Have fun!

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