Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Paper Watch Project - Templar Needs You!

Calling all illustrators! The lovely people at Templar Publishing need our help! They are doing everything they can to raise £5000.00 for Breast Cancer Care, a cause that is of particular relevance to Templar after their lovely Creative Director Amanda Wood was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. The fantastic news is that Amanda is responding really well to treatment but never the less Templar are continuing in their fight to raise their target amount for this worthy cause. They have come up with the brilliant idea of auctioning off these fabulous, fully functional paper watches for this charity and this is where they need you. The idea is that each of these watches will be decorated by a different illustrator. And who wouldn't want to bid on such a uniquely creative item?! So, if you are interested in lending a hand by decorating one of these paper watches for them to auction and in doing so showcasing your work to Templar, please contact Emma Odonovan and she will post a watch to your straight away! You can email her here: emma.odonovan@templarco.co.uk 
Have fun illustrators and good luck Templar in reaching your goal!

Alternatively you can donate at their Just Giving page here.

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