Friday, 15 July 2016

Eglantine Ceulemans and Isla Fisher live on CBBC this Sunday at 9am!

Tune in to CBBC this Sunday, 17th July at 9am to see Eglantine Ceulemans live on CBBC alongside Isla Fisher talking about their new book - Marge In Charge, which is due to be published at the end of this month! It’s all part of the Awesome Authors event which CBBC is running to inspire a love of reading. 

As well as answering questions from the audience of children and chatting with Isla Fisher about working together as team, Eglantine will be drawing live on telly and giving lots of useful tips on how to draw and what inspires her! 

We’re all super excited to see Eglantine on TV talking about her hilarious, funny and quite frankly fabulous illustrations of the eccentric rainbow haired Marge who turns up to babysit Jake and Jemima but ends up causing all sorts of havoc! 

Check out Eglantine's marvellous portfolio here!

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