Wednesday, 30 August 2017

What has Paula Bowles been getting up to...?

A few days ago, the fabulously talented Paula Bowles was invited along to Bristol Children's Hospital's 'Arts Week'. She moseyed on down with her sketching equipment and spent the day alongside storyteller Wilf Merttens, who is part of a charity called 'Read For Good' - a charity that provides the opportunity, space, and motivation for children to develop their own love of reading. 

Together they visited lots of different wards and helped the children make up their own stories. With Paula sketching alongside, Wilf asked the children to make up 3 different characters, asking their name and a little about the characters personality!

All the children got to keep Paula's drawing as a memory of their story. She said of the day "It was lovely to see the children laugh and smile as their stories came to life!"

What a fantastic event to be part of! Well done Paula!

Below are links to the various people and charities that made this event come to life and some pictures taken from the day!

Many thanks to:

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children:

Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal:

Read For Good:

Wilf Merttens:

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