Friday, 20 December 2019

Welcome to the Family, Isobel Lundie!

Find out more about the life of our new Plum, Isobel Lundie! 

Where do you live/work?
I’m a Worthing based illustrator and work as a designer and illustrator in Brighton at an independent publishers named Salariya.

What do you like about working there?
The best part of the job for me is the freedom to suggest my own ideas for exciting new projects.

What do you love most about being an illustrator?I love creating books where every character no matter how minor has its own personality. I think it’s important for readers to read beyond the text and find jokes and stories within the illustrations.

How do you work – what are your techniques?
I will usually start projects by pinteresting nice colour schemes. I will always draw my roughs in pencil and draw over and over and over them using my lightbox. I eventually get something that I like.

What or who are you most inspired by?
I love exploring new countries. I love looking in the local supermarkets at foreign food packaging. I often find the colours and design ideas really inspiring. 

Do you have a favourite illustrator?
Absolutely obsessed by Julia Sarda and Rebecca Green. They both work in a style that it so different to mine but hides so many amazing details in the scenes of their illustrations.

What is your favourite thing to draw and why?
This changes on a weekly basis but at the moment it’s sassy dancing cats.

Do you have a particular favourite character that you’ve illustrated?
I did a ‘women in science’ book about Jane Goodall.  I know she’s a real person rather than a character but it was nice drawing someone who has done so much to inspire other ambitious women.

What do you like to do in your spare time when you’re not illustrating?
I’m a keen netball player and play in some leagues around where I live. I’m quite a competitive person.

How did you get into illustration?
I actually was originally planning on being a fine artist after a teen obsession with Lucien Freud. Once I got over him, I started experimenting with making characters and I fell into illustration.

What are your three top tips for aspiring illustrators?
If you have an idea that you think is good always do it even if it’s only for yourself. Always work as hard as you can because then you won’t regret being lazy and try to absorb as much information from editors as possible because they’re usually quite wise.

What were your favourite books when you were younger?
I loved Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes I found and still find them hilarious. I am also of the Harry Potter generation and think Jim Kay has my dream job.

What was the last book you read? What did you think? 
I just finished My sister the serial killer which was so blunt and funny. 

What are your aspirations for the next year?
I would love to make more picture books. I’ve only recently made my first one and I’ve already fallen in love with it.

What’s your ultimate dream?
To get in a time machine and go and watch Amy Winehouse while she was still on the Frank album. Love her. 

Welcome to the family, Isobel!

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