Thursday, 1 November 2018

It’s My Body- a New Book on the Importance of Body Privacy

It’s My Body is a children’s book written by Louise Spilsbury and illustrated by our Plum Mirella Mariani. It focuses on teaching children about body privacy: explaining to children why private parts should be kept private, how their body belongs to them, and encouraging them to speak up and say ‘no’ if they don’t want someone touching their body or if they are uncomfortable with the way they are being treated.

It’s My Body also talks about respecting the boundaries of those around us, and understanding that different people have different boundaries. It not only focuses on the more serious aspects of having the right to protect your own body, but also explains how some children, particularly those on the autistic spectrum or who have anxiety, may find the smallest of gestures- a hug or a pat on the arm, or any kind of touching- unbearable.
The book also covers bullying and explains to children the best ways in which they can speak out and seek help to stop these events from occurring, as well as the topic of secrets and when you shouldn't keep a secret.

Speaking on her involvement in the project, illustrator Mirella Mariani said,

         “It's a book I'm really happy to have illustrated, because I cared so much about this project and when they sent me the text I immediately took it very much so to heart.”

You can read Mirella’s full thoughts on the book here:

Hachette has said ‘the text explains, simply and clearly, without scaremongering, why body privacy is important.’

It’s My Body is available now to purchase in-store and online. You can purchase the book from Amazon here:

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