Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Introducing the Plum Awards!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the official launch of the Plum Awards!

The Plum Awards is Plum Pudding Illustration Agency's competition, open to any currently unrepresented illustrators from across the globe.

There have been some great changes made in the illustration industry to ensure there is more representation from all backgrounds, and we want to do our part to continue that work.

As an agency that proudly represents illustrators from a vast variety of global communities, Plum Pudding Illustration is keen to reach out to as many illustrators as possible from a wider variety of different backgrounds and underrepresented communities from across the globe, and give them the opportunity to get their work seen.

So, we decided to launch the Plum Awards! This award will give illustrators, regardless of educational qualifications, experience, or background, the chance to work on a professional brief and get their work out there. From people who are already working towards a career in illustration to those who have the passion for drawing but may not have previously had the opportunity to showcase your talent, we want to hear from you all!

The Plum Awards competition deadline is 25th March. The winner will receive a £300 cash prize, and the winner and selected runners up will receive portfolio reviews and guidance with Plum Pudding’s team of industry professionals. See below for details on how to apply, and good luck! 

**any work submitted for this competition will solely be used to announce the finalists and winner: Plum Pudding claim no rights over the works and no rights will be transferred. Any finalist or winning entry images shared will be fully credited to the creator**


  1. Buenas tardes, Como puedo obtener información para poder presentarme a los Premios?❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hola, gracias por su interés en los Premios Plum! La competencia está en línea, por lo que no hay ceremonia para asistir. Los finalistas y los ganadores serán anunciados en las redes sociales: puedes seguirnos en Twitter e Instagram a @plum_agency 💜

  2. Hello! I have a few questions regarding the brief. For the fiction category, are you looking to have space left for text on the spread? Or is it just illustration (either full-page or vignette) only? Do you want it prepared for bleed?

    If I'm understanding right, you are also asking for a front cover only, not an entire binding. Is this correct? Would you like the title and author added or simply have space left for them?

    Can applicants still submit on the 25th, or must submissions be in by the 24th?

    Hope that makes sense!

  3. Also, is it a one-page spread or a double-page spread? I'm a little confused.
    Thanks so much!

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